Making Openness an Intention for the New Year

One of the necessary components of changing our biases is the internal motivation to do so.

Simply put: we have to want to change. To think differently. To behave differently.

I know it sounds obvious, but in order for us to want to change, we also have to be aware that something needs to change.

Self-awareness is key here.

Many of us don’t think about our biases until we’re forced to do so.

(Important to note here: we all have biases. All of us.)

Self-awareness, first. Desire to change, second.

A thing I emphasize a lot in my trainings is that I’m not asking people to be perfect–we’re all at different places in our journeys, but something that makes all of the difference in the progression of that journey is a sense of openness.

The definition of “open” includes “having no means of closing or barring,” and “having the interior immediately accessible.” I love thinking about approaching learning with our interiors accessible.

It’s very poetic.

Whether it’s around stuff related to trans and gender nonconforming communities or not, what could you approach with more openness this year?  

A certain person? A way of thinking? Acceptance of yourself?

Openness requires courage and clear-seeing and taking responsibility for one’s feelings and behavior. It’s not easy. At all.

It requires the willingness to make mistakes, to be wrong, and to most likely feel uncertain. It assures that you will be changed in some way.

All of those things can be terrifying.

As we move into this New Year, I encourage you to think about the following questions:

  • What’s one area of my life where I could be more open?
  • What am I afraid I don’t know?
  • What am I afraid of doing wrong?
  • What would my life be like if I had more openness in this area?

And while looking forward, also give yourself props for being on this mailing list. It definitely took a sense of openness for you to sign up to receive these emails. Thank you.

I’m curious:

  • What’s one thing you learned this year about trans and gender nonconforming stuff?
  • What’s one thing you’d still like to know about trans and gender nonconforming stuff?

Let me know! Comment below or shoot me an email

Wishing you many blessings and a sense of openness in your New Year.

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