1-Day Training: The Overview

One-day trainings are titled The Overview and contain the following learning objectives:

  1. To gain a basic understanding of definitions, terminology, and concepts relevant to those who identify as transgender and GNC/V.
  2. To learn about experiences and processes relevant to those who identify as transgender and GNC/V (e.g., transitioning, discrimination).
  3. To explore how learning objectives are relevant to participants’ specific setting and role (e.g., school staff, clinic setting, supervisor in small business) and how to apply them. The specific content of this portion of the training will be based on who the training is for.
  4. To begin to understand oneself as a gendered self by exploring one’s own assumptions about and experiences with gender.

One free follow-up hour comes with this training package!

What you can expect when you book a training with me:

  1. Investment and commitment
    – It could be the Gemini in me or the comfort I find in verbal processing, but I am big on communication and making sure that you know what to expect at every stage of the process.
    – There is a pre-training check-in and free follow-up hours with every training I do to ensure that the information is settling well, all questions are answered, and things are running smoothly.
  2.  Innovation
    – My trainings include so much more than Powerpoint presentations and definitions.
  3.  Expertise
    – Being a trans*-identified person doesn’t automatically make me an expert on trans* experiences, but I have done a lot of learning and training myself. And I have dedicated my life to this work.
  4. Heart, a sense of humor, and kindness
  5.  Guarantee
    – I am a person of my word. If you are unsatisfied in any way with the service(s) I provide—based on your needs and desired outcomes—I will refund your money in full, with the exception of travel expenses.

To get an idea about potential costs, check out my Pricing page.

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