2-Day Training: My Gendered Self

Each day of training builds upon the last.

Two-Day Trainings, titled My Gendered Self, contain the learning objectives from my 1-Day Trainings but, given the additional time, allow for more breadth and depth around each of the objectives.

A major component of My Gendered Self is additional exploration of each of us as gendered individuals and what that means. We all have a gender, whether we identify as trans or not.

Research shows that we can overcome our biases more easily when we have an internal motivation to do so. I believe that applying concepts to our own experiences can generate self-compassion, which is a necessary foundation for offering compassion to others.

Simply put: if we can understand how our own gender impacts our lives—the good, the difficult, the neutral—we can more easily understand another’s experience based on their gender.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To gain an in-depth understanding of definitions, terminology, and concepts relevant to those who identify as trans and GNC/V.
  2. To learn about a breadth of experiences and processes relevant to those who identify as trans and GNC/V (e.g., transitioning, discrimination).
  3. To explore how learning objectives are relevant to participants’ specific setting and role (e.g., school staff, clinic setting, supervisor in small business) and how to apply them. The specific content of this portion of the training will be based on who the training is for.
  4. To fully understand oneself as a gendered self by further exploring one’s own assumptions about and experiences with gender.

Two free follow-up hours come with this training package!

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